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Contact: Kathleen Day Home Celle Vilar Ponte, 42 PLTA 3A Viveiro 27850 Spain Cell Phone: 011-34-653-091-085 Website: http://www.hoodoolab.net

My name is Kathleen, and I created Hoodoolab with my husband in order to organize, share and collaborate
with other artists and organizations. I’m originally from Edmonton, and a descendant from the Ukraine. I work
in several different types of media, and in the past few years I’ve been focusing strongly on folk art. Pysanky
is one of my favorite things to make, and I have a large collection I would like to share.


I’m currently living in Galicia, so I’m not available to come teach or demo at the moment. I often come
back to Edmonton every year, so I would like to be in touch about offering Pysanky classes. I sell my Pysanky,
and I can arrange to have it sent to ACUA to sell in the shop or for an exhibition